The aluminium eyeframes anodizing production process

The production process for aluminium eyeframes anodizing surface treatment mainly include these steps: cleaning, anodizing, dyeing, sealing, assembling, etc. After anodizing surface treatment, the aluminium eyeframes have beautiful and bright color; its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and insulation is better than other aluminum products. The aluminium eyeframes hanging in a specific electrolyte solution are used as an anode for electrolysis. During the electrolysis process, the hydroxide ions in the water emit electrons and turn into water and new ecological oxygen in anode, which oxidizes the aluminium into a thicker alumina film. This process is the oxidation of the metal product as an anode, so it is called anode Oxidation. By anodizing, dyeing and sealing treatment, the original aluminium eyeframes become dyed products.
The first step for Aluminium eyeframes anodizing process : clean the aluminium eyeframes.
During the manufacturing processing, Aluminium eyeframes stained with much grease and some abrasive, so it needs to do pre-treatment. Put the aluminium eyeframes into the specialized chemical solution for cleaning.
The second step for Aluminium eyeframes anodizing process: anodizing treatment.  
Immerse the aluminium eyeframes to be dyed in the electrolyte and then turn on the power; After all the specified operation is completed, take the aluminium eyeframes out from the electrolyte and rinse the acid liquor adhering on the aluminium eyeframes with clear water.
The third step for aluminium eyeframes anodizing process: dyeing operation.
Soak the anodized and washed aluminium eyeframes in the 40-60 degrees of coloring solution immediately. After a predetermined time, rinse the aluminium eyeframes with clear water.   
The forth step for Aluminium eyeframes anodizing process: sealing.   
Put the dyed and cleaned aluminium eyeframes into the clear water with 90-100 degrees and then boil them for 30 minutes. After this process, the surface of the aluminium frames become uniform and non-porous, forming a dense oxide film. The dye is deposited in the oxide film and can not be erased any more. The oxide film is wear-resisting, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
The fifth step for Aluminium eyeframes anodizing process: wiping and assembling
Dry the aluminium eyewerar after sealing process and polish with a soft cloth, then you can get a beautiful and bright aluminium frame; after the final assembly process, such as assemble the lenses, a complete pair of aluminium eyeframes is finished.
The above is only a brief introduction of anodizing treatment for alumminium eyeframes and aluminium sunglasses. In production, it is much more complicated than the above description, such as each process is requried to be perfect; each process has some defect products and then we pick them out; only the qualified products entre into the next production process. Compared with the coloring process plating or spraying for other glasses, anodizing treatment for aluminium eyeframes leads to a larger production loss. Defect products from plating or spraying prodution process can be picked out and reagain this process, but the rejected products from anodizing treatment process can only be discarded. That is the reason why high quality aluninium eyeframes or aluminium sunglasses is more expensive than normal acetate eyewear. But because aluminum material itself is not so expensive, the price of aluminium eyeframes can be accepted by most customers. General speaking, aluminium eyeframes is a little expensive than acetate eyewear and ordinary metal eyewear, but it is cheaper than titanium eyewear, carbon fiber eyewear, buffalo Horn Eyewear, and wood glasses.



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