The identification of Titanium eyewear

Titanium and titanium alloy materials are space, silver white. Due to its features of  light weight, good corrosion resistance, toughness, high melting point, anti acid and alkali, high stability, good affinity for the human body (only a few people are allergic to the titanium ), anodized surface can have brilliant color, etc., it began to be used from the early eighties in frame industry.
With people's living standards and technology improving, titanium eyewear are becoming more popular because of its excellent performance. Titanium is widely used in various metal frames such as metal optical frames, reading glasses, sunglasses and so on.

In the earlier days, the titanium eyewear processing is titanium-dominated; for the sake of improving strength, flexibility, welding and other performances, other elements such as aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum are added, the to form of titanium alloy. Although titanium material processing techniques are difficult, but its added value is high, so becoming the fashion trends, is now widely used in optical frame and metal surface treatment. Refers to pure titanium, it means titanium components reaches to 99% or more. Pure titanium has some difficulties in machining processing, welding, electroplating and so on, so the titanium application is subject to certain restrictions.

In order to prevent bad businessmen to sell titanium alloy frame as pure titanium eyeframes, reading glasses or sunglasses, consumers can refer to the points.

titanium eyewear, according to the type of use of titanium parts were stamped with the abbreviations in the frame, usually on the temples.

Pure titanium fronts + frames Titan-P or Ti-P PURE TITANIUM
Pure titanium in front Front-Titan-P or F-Ti-P
Pure titanium in temples, Temple-Titan-P or T-Ti-P

Titanium alloy in front + frame Titan-C or Ti-C
Titanium alloy in front Front-Titan-C or F-Ti-C
Titanium alloy in temples Temple-Titan-C or T-Ti-C 

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