Features of carbon fiber eyewear

What’s the the Virtue and defect of carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses? Following, we’ll share with you about the features of carbon fiber eyewear.
Carbon firber eyewear and carbon firber sunglasses
Topview Carbon fiber eyeframes

Features of carbon fiber eyewear 1:
carbon fiber is the lightest material of the glasses on the market by now. It is one of the newest items of material for making eyewear. The test reports proved the same size of carbon fiber eyewear is lighter than 30% of titanium eyewear, and its weight less than 70% of normal metal eyewear. It is very comfortably wearing up.
Features of carbon fiber eyewear 2:
carbon fiber eyewear will be high hardness, good flexibility and without deformation. Carbon fiber is made with carbon element of diamond, so it is hard enough, its hardness is 10times more than iron.
Features of carbon fiber eyewear 3:
carbon fiber eyewear is resisting corrosion, also resisting the corrosion of perspiration. Its performance of chemistry is very steady. After tested the carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses, they resisted acidityalkalinity and salt, the anti-corrosion of other material can’t be incomparable with it. They could keep perfect in the drippy and badly environment.
The Conductivity of carbon fiber is better than other material, we have solved this problem with spraying light oil.
As technology of producing carbon fiber eyewear is very difficult and complicated, few factory can perfectly combine it with other material by now. Most of the factories just used the screw or rivet to fix temples and front, they only produce very simple carbon fiber eyewear.
Topview has been studying and developing the carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses for a long time, spent a lot of manpower and money, fortunately overcame kinds of the technical difficulties. Now, we can offer the best quality of kinds of carbon fiber eyewear and can deal with all the problems during the production. Such as:
1.            We can use “hinges” to fix temples and front as acetate frames.
2.            We can laminate different colors of the carbon fiber to make diversified colors.
3.            We can combine carton fiber with different materials, such as veneer or a thin layer of stones.
Until now, most of eyewear manufacturer can’t do the technology of the carbon fiber above.
Topview is the one of best manufactuer of Carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses manufacturer in Shenzhen, china. Carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses are gaining popularity among the exclusive eyewear designers. Ultra thin, ultra light, and corrosion resistant, Carbon fiber eyewear are available in many eyeglasses collections now.



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